• Eden Kelly

Dutch Landscapes - Mishka Henner

This work from Henner provides more creative insight to images that are already created and available to anybody wanting to find them.

Glitches in the infinite landscapes of Google Maps, a series of large polygonal blots were uncovered by Henner during his digital fly-over through the Netherlands. Large swathes of the Dutch landscapes appeared to be obscured by patchwork, and after some inquisitive searching, Henner uncovered that they were a result of an especially stylistic censorship approach to hide sites deemed vital to national security.

Henner explained how each country has different ways to 'hide' places they do not want the public to be aware of, blacking them out in white is one way, the UK simply put fields over them or make them appear to be just like the rest of the landscape that surrounds them. Interestingly, Henners work 'Fifty-One US Military Outposts' shows that some places don't try and hide it all.

I find it really interesting how the the Dutch have taken on this 'glitch' effect, which literally draws more attention to the site than if they had just had the government building there.

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