• Eden Kelly

Finding a destination.

At the moment my work seems to be all over the place, I am making so much yet none of it is being pin pointed or finalised. I feel like I have a few projects (Family, One excersize a day, Changing times, paths across turrain) which could all be successful in their own way. My interest towards my landscape work seems to be how it changes - paths made by people over time, how landscape has changed over time etc. I have recently found alot of old images of my family which I haven't seen before, another comparison between old and new maybe? Something to consider and work on to try and pin point where my work is heading through this.

Maybe I'm noticing the change in things due to the current situation and having my life changed so much due to Covid-19 or maybe it's given me a chance to sit back and realised the changes in the landscapes and also the people around me.

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