• Eden Kelly

Peel Tower

Whilst trying to find a link between all of my images and looking into hinterland more, I have realised that I live in a hinterland, "the remote areas of a country away from the coast". The village I live in of Ramsbottom has a few walks, but i subconsciously always take the same route up Holcombe Hill to Peel tower. Realising that all of my images I have taken are from around/on Peel tower, I even have undeveloped film from my mum and dad when they have walked up to Peel tower.

Peel tower is a monument on top of Holcombe Hill that was built for Sir Robert Peel who invented the police service and he was also from Bury (the town that Ramsbottom is in), for me this is an everyday sight but as pointed out by Alan, to others it is an interesting monument.

I am going to investigate more into Peel Tower and this is going to be the basis for my exhibition.

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