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The memorial tower to Sir Robert Peel, also known as "Holcombe Tower", high above Ramsbottom was planned and erected at the same time as Bury was preparing its statue to the then recently deceased statesman who was born in Bury. The tower occupies a prominent position on Harcles Hill 1,100 feet above sea level. Unfortunately, the tower is rarely open, every now and again volunteers open it on a Sunday and wake the white flag from the top to show it is open.

The tower is 128 ft high and was built in 1852 as a memorial to Sir Robert Peel who was born in 1788 in Ramsbottom, the town at the foot of the hill. He was twice Prime Minister of Great Britain and is famous for creating the Metropolitan Police force. The term Bobbies we use for police officers is a derivative of his name.

The stone to build Peel tower was quarried from the hillside itself.

There are 171 steps leading to the top of Peel Tower.

Inside the entrance to the tower is an extract from Peel's speech to the House of Commons in 1846. It emerged later that the tower had been planned and built in such haste that the necessary permission had not been obtained from the owner of the land, the Duke of Buccleuch. This matter was eventually rectified.

It takes me around 30 minuets to walk up to Peel Tower from my house which is at the bottom of the Hill. My project is based on my method of my journey up Holcombe Hill to Peel tower, a place forgotten about to the whole world except Ramsbottom.

I am researching to see how many bricks/Stones it took to build the monument, this will then be the title for my project, displaying to everybody else without the research it is only a pile of stones but yet has much greater meaning.

It is described as a Conspicuous landmark on all websites??

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