FMP is an ongoing project following on from Rewilding, it is focussed on the personal reconnected with nature.  This project uses found and recycled materials to create a self-sustaining unit.


Venice of the east

This project focussed on the differences noticed between travelling different countries. It playfully looks into the contrasts between a considered 'wealthy' and 'poor' country. Venice of the east took archived images of Venice and Thailand and integrated them to create playful but thought provoking edits.

Whilst travelling these two places, I noticed a richness in both of the cultures and landscapes that needed to be captured. Upon looking at the images together, the similarities between colour and gestures became apparent, leading to this photo book.



Through the lockdowns of 2020, Eden Kelly has been reclaiming her love for the outdoors. 'Rewilding' is a project focussed on reconnecting herself with nature. She does this through research-led exploration of nature and its possibilities. Her book explores narratives based upon the forces of nature. She believes this to be a personal experience and encourages everyone to explore their own personal reconnection.



5,604 stones

In 5604 stones Eden Kelly explores her own personal routine, with nature and emotions. It is a psycho geographical project that focuses on places forgotten about. After documenting her day-to-day routines whilst living in a rural area, it became apparent that she goes on the same walk most days with different variations of roots but all with the same destination.